Data types in Swift

In Swift, there are several basic data types that are used for storing and manipulating values. If you compare the upcoming list with the one above, you will notice that they have almost the same types:

  • Int: used for whole numbers
  • Double and Float: used for floating-point numbers
  • String: used for storing text
  • Bool: used for storing true/false values
  • Character: used for storing a single character
  • Optional: used to represent the possible absence of a value of a certain type

Additionally, Swift provides several collection types for storing multiple values, including:

  • Array: used for storing multiple values of the same type in an ordered list
  • Dictionary: used for storing key-value pairs
  • Set: used for storing multiple values of the same type, with no defined order

Each of these data types has its own unique features and is used for specific types of values and operations in Swift. By understanding these data types and how they are used, you can write more efficient and effective code in Swift.

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