“Hello world” and the print() function in Swift

“Hello World” is a simple program that outputs the text “Hello, World!” to the console, which is often used as an introductory exercise when learning to code in a new language. In Swift, you can write a “Hello World” program using the print()function, which takes one or more arguments and prints them to the console.


  • Here is an example of a “Hello World” program in Swift using print():
print("Hello, World!")
  • This code will output “Hello, World!” to the console when it is run.

The print() function

In Swift, the print()function can take one or more arguments separated by commas, and will automatically separate them with spaces. You can also use string interpolation to include variables in the output.

Overall, the print()function is an essential tool for getting output from your Swift programs and is used extensively throughout the language.

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