3 Ways to search in a WordPress Website, even if there is no search field

If you want to search a WordPress website, but there is no search field available, there are mainly 3 options you have

I. Use Google

  • You can use Google to search for content within a website by using the “site:” operator followed by the domain name of the website you want to search.
  • For example, to search for “WordPress plugins” on the website “www.claudemuller.com”, you would type “WordPress plugins site:www.claudemuller.com” into the Google search box.

II. Use the WordPress search function without the search box

  • You can also use the search functionality built into WordPress by appending “/?s=search+term” to the end of the website’s URL.
  • Replace “search+term” with the term you’re looking for. This will bring up the search results page with the search term already filled in.

III. Use a third-party plugin

  • There are third-party plugins available that will add a search bar to your website’s menu or other areas.

Here is a list of 5 WordPress plugins that can add search functionality to your website

  1. Ivory Search
    • This plugin allows you to create custom search forms and customize the search results page.
  2. Relevanssi
    • This plugin replaces the default WordPress search with a more powerful search engine, offering features like fuzzy matching, phrase searches, and more customizable search results.
  3. Better Search
    • This plugin creates a search box for your website and offers analytics to help you track popular search terms and trending topics.
  4. SearchWP
    • This plugin adds better search functionality to your website, with features like keyword stemming, search term highlighting, and a customizable search results page.
  5. Ajax Search Lite
    • This plugin uses AJAX technology to create a live search box that returns results as you type, providing users with a more efficient and intuitive search experience.

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